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The energy rushing through my veins is so high it’s starting to hurt. Happiness is one thing, raging manic happiness is another. It pushes and pulls and threatens to rip right out of your skin. I want to scream just to let some of it go. I have fire surging through my veins. I’m wide awake, it’s 8am and I loath mornings.¬†

Stay in control… You were slipping this weekend… I know they all saw it.


I’m up. I’m swinging around in a imaginary mind. I’m younger, drunk, pretty,¬†flirtatious, tight jeans, halter, heels and the room loves me. I’m riding high on something left for me in a public restroom. I’m talking and my words sparkle and swim around the room and into interested ears causing smiles and laughter. I’m on tonight and I love myself. I’m loved tonight and know I’ll continue being loved until this passes. I don’t think about that, I drink and drink and dance until I fall into my current boyfriends bed and pass out. Wake, new people, new place, new love, repeat…


Is sacred in this world. It is all fair game, your failure is public for all eyes to see.



Did I abandon them or did they abandon me?VB

Did I abandon them or did they abandon me?

My World

My world is never one solid color, it’s always a blend. Colors blending and twirling, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. The colors decide who I will be that day, week, month. Lately I’m swirls of purples and blues with dashes of vivid blood red.

My world is nothing to be jealous of.